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Ikat from Savu, Savu Group, Indonesia

175 Savu Group, Savu

Selimut (shawl)  magnifiermicroscope

Origin: Savu Group, Savu
Locale: Seba, identified on the basis of boda as exclusive motif, and the number of dini, seven.
Period: 1930-1940
Yarn: Cotton, commercial, fine, double-ply
Technique: Warp ikat
Panels: 1
Size: 78 x 178 cm (2' 6" x 5' 10")
Weight: 370 g (13.1 oz), 266 g/m2 (0.87 oz/ft2)
Design: Hi'i wo hepi, huri wo pidu. Field decorated with thirteen ikated bands: seven wider bands, huri, separated by six narrower ones. All are decorated with boda motifs executed in white on indigo. Two of of the narrower bands, numbers two and four, stand out as they are executed in a much darker indigo. The two outer huri are flanked by pinkish bands, called dini, with seven fine stripes running in parallel, separated by six pinstripes of only two threads wide. It is a wo hepi as only two colours were used. It is a huri wo pidu because it has seven main bands.
Comment: Older selimut of very unusual, and attractive design. This type is commonly made of two panels, and asymmetrical, one panel wider than the other. The kind of asymmetry seen here - using colour variation on a single panel cloth - must be the result of a calamity which destroyed ikated threads for two of the six narrower bands. It was replaced with threads in a darker tone, perhaps borrowed. The quality of the ikat in the huri shows the hand of a master weaver. The finest patterns, in the dini, are just two threads wide. Cloth is very soft, and shows intensive usage by being a little thin in parts - but not to the extent of forming holes. A few smudges. Excellent overall condition. From old Dutch collection.
Background: Additional information in chapters on Savu Group and Savu.
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Literature: All information provided by Savu-expert Geneviève Duggan.
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